MONTECITO BEST BUYS is brought to you by Mark and Sheela Hunt. Whether you are buying or selling, please contact Mark or Sheela for all your Real Estate needs in Montecito & Santa Barbara, California.


Sheela and Mark Ashton Hunt have successfully closed over $150,000,000 in transactions in the Montecito and Santa Barbara area, and have represented buyers and sellers on properties ranging from land value homes, fixer opportunities, condos, brand new construction homes, estates, and arguably the best ocean front condo in Montecito.

Mark comes from a family steeped in Santa Barbara history and his grandparents operated a very successful Real Estate brokerage in Santa Barbara from the early 1960’s through the late 1980’s.

MONTECITO BEST BUYS is dedicated to showcasing the top valued listings in Montecito, California and is updated monthly or even more frequently.

The price range for offerings on this site will range from a half million dollars for a small beach condo, up to and above $20,000,000 for a major estate on multiple acres with ocean views and top amenities.


Our goals for MONTECITO BEST BUYS are: to help buyers find the best deal for their dollar, and to help sellers price their homes appropriately for a more likely sale.


Nearly every day I evaluate each listing that is publicly known in the Multiple Listing Service in Montecito. Throughout the month, I update the Montecito Best Buys website four or five times, to keep it fresh and to remove the pending properties and bring “day of” price reductions and new listings into the process when possible. I take the time with each home and evaluate based on location, home & lot size, amenities, street, price, lot value, whether it’s new construction or lot value or somewhere in between, etc…, in an effort to determine “value”, when compared to literally, itself… or its replacement cost and other factors, but also, when compared to other listings available at or near the same prices in Montecito.


Beginning in January of 2011, I began this evaluation and selection process. Each month I pick my top properties and track them into escrow. During this past year, many of the properties that actually sell have come from my list of top picks. In fact, some months, my top picks have accounted for more than half of all homes sold in the area. This knowledge is very valuable to buyers looking to get a great deal, and also valuable to sellers who wish to sell their properties in a tough market, by obtaining my opinion as to the best price for marketing their homes.


If considering purchasing a home in Montecito, one should look first to MONTECITO BEST BUYS to see what properties have passed the test of comparison to all other properties for sale in that price range in terms of value, location, quality, amenities, access, restrictions and limitations and much more.


MONTECITO BEST BUYS and it’s founder Mark Ashton Hunt, offer insight to sellers who wish to find the best price at which to market their properties for a more likely sale in a challenging real estate market.


For more information on any properties listed in Montecito, please contact Mark Ashton Hunt at 805-698-2174 or Sheela Hunt at 805-698-3767 and let us help you find your dream property or allow us to help market your home with professionalism, honesty and integrity.


Made famous in recent years by the addition of local residents such as Oprah Winfrey, Drew Barrymore and other celebrities, Montecito is essentially a small town adjacent to Santa Barbara, offering majestic mountains for hiking that gently slope down to meet the Pacific ocean. Most properties in Montecito offer good sized lots and often a full acre or more is common above the one million price range. Benefiting from our neighboring Santa Barbara, Montecito feels like a small town, but offers dining, arts and entertainment similar to much larger cities. In addition, Montecito is on the south eastern portion of Santa Barbara, and thus close to Los Angeles (90 miles or so), offering easy access to Los Angeles International Airport and other cultural advantages offered in Los Angeles, CA. From hiking to surfing, biking and dining, golf, tennis and great schools, Montecito is truly a special place to live.

The opinions of Montecito Best Buys are that of Mark Ashton Hunt alone and not of the Realtor providing links to these listings for viewing. The information contained in this website is in NO WAY a guarantee of results from investing in Real Estate. There is no promise of profit, there is no safety offered here that will safeguard anyone from a Real Estate market or a home price that may go down in value. There is no guarantee that if a home is listed on this site that it is guaranteed to sell. These are simply properties chosen to be considered good values based on many available criteria at the time of consideration. Additionally, the valuations contained on this website are “pre inspection” and do not take into consideration any faults of a property that are not immediately evident.